SIPTV app on Samsung smart TV

Samsung has discontinued the use of the SIPTV app from the Samsung Apps store and we will show you how to install the SIPTV app on your Samsung TV manually. You can manually install the app by using the following


How to setup IPTV on IPTV Smarters Pro?

IPTV Smarters Pro is one of the most user-friendly IPTV applications that provides your esteemed customers the facility to watch Live TV, VOD, Series, Catch-up, and Multi-Screen on their Android and iOS Devices (Smartphones, Smart TVs, Android Boxes, etc). One of the most interesting features of IPTV Smarters is Catch-up. They are not many applications

How to setup IPTV on Perfect Player in Computer?

Perfect Player is an Android application that simulates a set-top box that can be used for streaming IPTV channels on your favorite devices such as tablets, smartphones, and Smart TVs. Please note, that this application doesn’t include any IPTV channels. In

How to setup IPTV on Kodi via Stalker Client?

Kodi is an open-source media player which is a free application that functions as a digital media center. You can use Kodi on most of operating systems such as Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux, iOS, and devices such as Amazon FireTV, Smartphones, Apple

What is Kodi addon?

You can think of a Kodi Addon as a base application that increases the functionality of the main application. There are actually thousands of add-ons that can be connected inside Kodi that will turn this media center application into the best online streaming platform.


How to setup IPTV on Microsoft devices via MyIPTV Player?

This is an exceptional media player with EPG to play your IPTV channels on your Windows Phone, Windows 10, and Xbox One.  You can simply load your M3U playlist from storage or remote source and you are good to go. What is M3U? You can download this app via


Kodi on Smart TV

In this article, we’ll begin by discussing regarding why install a Kodi on a Smart TV. Next, we will talk about the ways to install Kodi on a Smart TV. As you may know, many TVs offer different operating systems and user


Softwares you need for watching IPTV

According to the Operating System of your device, you can use these kinds of software/apps: VLC media player (Windows Microsoft-Linux-Macintosh OS-Android), Perfect Player (Android), KODI, SIPTV (Smart TVs), and Enigma2 (Linux) MAG box, gaming consoles such as PS4 and Xbox, Smartphones. Depending on the OS of your phone, you can use the GSE App or IP

How to setup Plex on Apple TV?

Whether we’re discussing Apple TV, Chromecast, or Roku boxes, the big thing these days is on-demand streaming content. Note: This guide is for the official Plex application for Apple’s TVOS, which limits it to the 4th generation Apple TV and


How to setup IPTV on rIPTV?

With the help of this application, you can enjoy all your multimedia content on a single device in a single application. rIPTV brings streaming and on-demand television to your iOS and Android devices. Intuitive and easy to use. What is Internet