Suggestions for Purchase a MAG Box

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In this article, we are going to give you some useful information to make the best decision before buying a MAG box.
What is MAG?

Note: The suggestions in this article can be changed by time, so surely will update them in the future.

In the market, there are some model MAG boxes with Android Operating Systems and Powerful Hardware like “MAG 425A”. But most of the IPTV providers do not support these models with Portal System – How to setup IPTV on a MAG device? – and you need to set up them with a M3U file.
How to set up IPTV on MAG 420 with M3U URL?

This is the list of MAG boxes which most of IPTV providers do not support with the Portal System:

MAG 425A        (Android 8.0 – 4K support)
MAG 424Aw3   (Android 7.0 – 4K support)
MAG 420          (Linux 4.4.35 – 4K support)

So if you want to have a MAG box with Portal system features better to forget these models for now.

If you don’t mind having 4K resolution for the box, they are 2 models in the market with better prices.
All IPTV providers support these models with both Portal System and M3U URL:

MAG 322          (Linux 3.3 – 1080p support)
MAG 324          (Linux 3.3 – 1080p support)

In MAG 324w2 you have a WIFI interface.

So our suggestion for the most cost-effective MAG box is MAG 324w2.

They are 2 models which discontinued by Infomir before, MAG351 and MAG 352.
Infomir does not present MAG 351/352 anymore but you can still find them in the market.
All IPTV providers support these models with both Portal System and M3U URL,
They support 4K stream resolution,
Also with 2G RAM, they have one of the most Powerful Hardware in MAG boxes.


Due to the support of both M3U and portal address and improved hardware quality, MAG 351 will be the best MAG box manufactured to date. If you are looking to purchase a new setup box, MAG 351 can be the first choice.
As we mentioned the production of this model stopped by Infomir but can be found in the market yet.

For the second choice, you can buy MAG 324w2.

Comparison of MAG boxes

At the end, we provide a comparison table for some models of  MAG boxes:

Model Support Portal System 4K Support RAM Wifi interface Operating System Price*
MAG 322 ✔ 512 MB Linux 3.3 €66.25
MAG 322w1 ✔ 512 MB ✔ Linux 3.3 €79.00
MAG 324 ✔ 1 GB Linux 3.3 €69.90
MAG 324w2 ✔ 1 GB ✔ Linux 3.3 €88.70
MAG 351** ✔ ✔ 2 GB ✔ Linux 4.1 €149.99
MAG 420 ✔ 512 MB Linux 4.4.35 €71.00
MAG 420w1 ✔ 512 MB ✔ Linux 4.4.35  €74.00
MAG 424Aw3 ✔ 1 GB ✔ Android 7.0  €89.00
MAG 425A ✔ 2 GB ✔ Android 8.0  €96.25

*    Please note the prices are for Feb 2020
**  MAG 351 discontinued by Manufacturer

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